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Write A Car For Sale Ad – Part 1

When you need to sell a car, here is how to write an extremely effective car for sale ad that will sell your car fast with a minimum of time, money and hassle. If your old car is looking pretty beat up and old then I suggest you wait until after you clean it up […]

Write a Car For Sale Ad – Part 2

Here is the long descriptive Car For Sale ad we discussed in How To Write A Car For Sale Ad – Part 1… ============================ 1996 Nissan Sentra. Runs great! Four door hatchback. Everything on this car works great! This car is beautiful and super clean inside and outside! Body is straight and has never been […]

Write a Car For Sale Ad – Part 3

If you are still living in the stone age (ie pre-internet) and still pay for things like newspaper ads, then lets make that ‘car for sale’ ad fit a four line 34 spaces per line ad: 96 Nissan Runs great! 4 dr Auto. Clean in & out! New tires & reg. Many new parts. Have […]

Selling Used Cars – Prepare The Interior

Before selling used cars, it is important that the interior be as clean as possible. Why does it matter that the interior be as clean as possible BEFORE selling a car? Because not only will you get a lot more cash for it but you will sell it much faster too. Selling a car faster […]

Selling Your Car – Prepare The Exterior

When selling your car for top dollar you will need to make the exterior look as new as possible. Think its impossible to make your old car look like new? Well, maybe “new” is pushing a bit, but I will explain here how to at least make it look as good as possible. Lets get […]

Clean The Engine Compartment

You will need to clean the engine compartment when you are preparing a used car for selling… You need to know that even if the potential buyer is totally clueless about cars, they will ALWAYS lift the hood to check out the engine compartment. ALWAYS! They will notice if the engine compartment is clean or […]

Don’t Trade In Cars!

Don’t trade in cars because here are the scams the car dealers may try to pull on you when you trade in your car. I understand if you don’t want to hassle selling your old car yourself (although you can put a lot more cash in your pocket), but you need to educate yourself about […]

The Key To Selling A Car For More Money

The most important point when selling a car is to try to make your old car look as new as possible. I realize that might seem impossible considering the paint might be dull and there might be tears in the seat, and there might be a lot of miles on the car, etc., etc. But […]

How To Figure A Used Cars Selling Price

I’m going to show you how to figure a used cars selling price. If you price a used car too high – it won’t sell. Price it too low and you lose money. So figuring out how much to sell your used car for is key to being able to sell it fast and also […]


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