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Sell Your Car and Increase Resale Value!

If you want to sell your car soon or even later, then it is important to starting doing the things now that will increase its resale value or at least maintain it.  Many people are not aware, but there are several ways to maintain your car in such a way that you can preserve its […]

Best Way To Sell A Car With Mechanical Problems – Part 1

“I want to know the best way to sell a car with mechanical problems. I have a beautiful 1992 Lincoln Continental with 160k miles on it. The body and leather interior is in mint condition. Everything works on the car really well except the engine knocks and the electrical system is draining the battery. So […]

Best Way To Sell A Car With Mechanical Problems – Part 2

Continued from Best Way To Sell A Car With Mechanical Problems – Part 1… You are on the right track as far as parking the car in an area with a lot of drive-by and foot traffic (I’m assuming that is the case). And its good to put a ‘For Sale’ sign on your car […]

Best Way To Sell A Used Car

I’m going to list the best ways to sell a used car here. Some of these car selling tips might work well for you and some might not work for you at all depending on where you live, your living situation and/or where you work. The point is that if you want to sell a […]

Car Paperwork Terms – Part 1

Here are car paperwork terms with their definitions. Many of these will be important for you to know when you are selling a car. Insurance Card: Some states, like California and Hawaii, require you to have an insurance card proving that you have car insurance. If you ever get stopped by the Police then they […]

Car Paperwork Terms – Part 2

Here are more Car Paperwork Terms – Part 2 of 2… Smog Certificate: Some states like California require you to have your car go through a smog check every two years for the purpose of making sure that your car isn’t belching out too much filthy exhaust. This Smog Certificate is also required every time […]

I Want To Sell Used Cars. How Many Cars Can I Sell?

“I want to sell used cars and I need to know how many I can sell per year? I live in Louisiana and want to start selling cars and trucks as a private party to other private parties. Do I need some kind of license if I do this from my house one car at […]

Can I Sell Car For Cash With No Smog?

“I need to sell car for cash. I live in California and was wondering if I need to smog my car before selling it? I had a guy call who is interested in buying it but claims it needs to be smogged before you hand over the title. It doesn’t really makes sense to be […]

Buy And Sell Cars For Profit

Now Bill knows how much money can be made when you buy and sell cars for profit. Bill didn’t think it was possible to make money buying and selling cars until he sold his old 1989 Honda Accord last fall. In spite of his doubts, he already knew that I make good money buying and […]


How To Sell A Car