A Free Fix For A Failed Car Inspection P0420 Code.

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 44 years, shows how you may be able to get your car to pass the emissions inspection test if it failed because of the check engine light being on with code P0420 stored. Simply erasing the code and driving the car on the highway for half an hour often will work.

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25 Responses to “A Free Fix For A Failed Car Inspection P0420 Code.”

  1. torchbrothers says:

    thanx for your? quick answer scotty ! I O you about 10 beers now .and will make good on it next time im in texas.thanx a million again !

  2. tehfrawg says:

    Wow I always learn lots of useful info, thanks a bunch Scotty! This last smog test I barely passed on the cat after driving around for a while, hopefully this will work for me? next year =)

  3. moofushu says:

    Scotty I heard if you failed an emissions test and went to a shop and spent over a certain dollar amount and went back? to retest and still failed that the emissions people HAD to pass you because you tried. All you needed was a receipt. I heard they can’t make you go back and back again forcing you to spend more and more money that’s why they have to pass you after you try. They say isn’t a little known fact of the emissions laws. Do you know if this is true or not?

  4. merkywave says:

    ur the Man?

  5. stompyonos says:

    There is nothing illegal about this. You are simply clearing a computer error. Because if it doesn’t come back, that’s probably what it was…

    When you do emissions test? they put a probe in your tailpipe anyways, so if it was that bad you would fail regardless of what your cars computer says…

    Think before you accuse people of doing illegal things. Grow a brain.

  6. scottykilmer says:

    different states have different laws, some? give free fixes if your family income is below a certain level. check in your area. They differ widely it’s not a federal law or anything

  7. jimisback says:

    That is only for 95 and older in GA. 96? and newer are OBD2 tests and don’t need the tailpipe. Only if they do a TSI test on that day. That is decided by the GCAF.

  8. ucallthatatweet says:

    I made a vague choice of words earlier; my fault. I was wondering how soon I should do the little bit of driving (which you mentioned at around 1:12) to see if the computer takes out any codes after the erasing? step just before.

  9. fueledbymusic3 says:

    I ALWAYS have a problem getting those stupid MONITORS to all get ready when I need them to. 15 mins NEVER cut it for me on most cars I had. (I been through several cars in my life). This is typically the case if I unplug the battery before smog to erase the code. Using my scanner to check before smog. For the most part,? my cars always have a hard getting them to be ready within that time. It takes several days sometimes

  10. scottykilmer says:

    you drive it with the scan tool hooked up? and watch as the codes disappear, can take 5 to 45 miles driving

  11. XXWRD2BIGBRDXX says:

    luckly for me 6 out of 8 of our? trucks dont need emissions done for some reason, why is that large trucks dont need it done??? bwt love your videos

  12. ???? ???????? says:

    Can I get a check of the car shops? selling car accessories

  13. PayDroification says:

    I just unplugged the battery. CEL gone!?

  14. MrPalvis says:

    You need to come to my house and fix my wife’s car, I’m bout ready to? pull my hair out!!!!

  15. BooGooNFlowoo4Evoo says:

    Thanks? Mr. Kilmer! If I can get one of those monitors, I am about to save a nice chunk of change.

  16. PRO50MUSTANGS says:

    please can you give me general answers because i’ve asked others and they can’t. my 1990 Ford Taurus SHO needs a new engine? wiring harness since it had a small fire. what is a ballpark rough estimate on how much it would cost to do at $50 an hour.i hve the part so thats not a factor. thanks

  17. scottykilmer says:

    they are? under large commercial law, different than personal vehicles.

  18. scottykilmer says:

    you have to trust a mechanic on that job, cause fire damage can be extensive. but alas, most mechanics charge 100 dollars an hour these days.? Call around your area for quotes, but realize it depends more on an honest guy actually doing the job and not on some guesswork quote.

  19. 6marineFDNY says:

    my? truck’s muffler had a piece of carbon making some noise, so it was removed, then put back on and the exhaust had a seafoam treatment, is that $100 worth of labor?

  20. ZekeComa says:

    Even if you do that. It will not pass the inspection due to the P0420 being in the ECU’s memory. You would have to use? an ODBII scanner like the guy in the video uses to get around it.

  21. scottykilmer says:

    depends on how hard it? was getting the muffler off and back on

  22. moiseswin says:

    what is code p 0705 my? 2002 c230 is stuck in second gear and cel is on

  23. scottykilmer says:

    pray it’s a bad tranmission range sensor,? cause if not it can be a bad main computer or transmission internal fault.

  24. izzy82 says:

    Hey Scotty, recently my 98? Mazda Protege just got a check engine light and reports a p0120 and in a day or two the check engine light is off and lights up again with the same code. Do you believe the sensor is going bad?

  25. KarstonLikesMustangs says:

    this is why i don’t have cats on my? mustang (;

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