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Questions About How To Sell A Used Car In California

Ken asks… I just bought an used car, How do i get a pink slip? (california)? I just bought an used car, and the seller gave me the pink slip(which has the seller’s name), an application of change of ownership. I filled it out and gave all the document (including the pink slip) to the […]

Questions About Sell Car Without Title

William asks… (CA) without current car registration card/ car title , am i be able to sell my car? what i have is a bill of sale paper , and reg 227 ( transfer of title with duplicate title ), got it from DMV, anyone knows if it is ok to sell it even without […]

Questions About How To Sell Used Cars Fast

Linda asks… HOW to sell a used car FAST, QUIK and get a FAIR price for it ? ? hi, how can I sell a used 1994 Toyota Corolla Dx w/low miles, 2 owners only, well maintained , but some peeling paint due to age with out making it way too low? This is my […]

Questions About How To Sell Carbon Credits

Chris asks… How do I sell carbon credits and make millions of dollars like Al Gore? I heard that Al Gore recently started a company to sell carbon credits to rich people who live in large mansions and fly private jets to offset their excessive use of fossil fuels and reduce their carbon footprints. Supposedly […]

Questions About Sell Cars On Ebay

Mary asks… Where and how can I learn to sell cars on ebay? Im brand new to this whole thing and i was wondering if you could give me some links to books/guides/online guides or any helpful and extensive information on how to buy and sell cars on ebay…free or a small price is fine..I […]

Questions About Sell A Car In California

Maria asks… how can i get my retail license to sell cars in california without having a car lot? i have been researching this subject for a while and always get back to square one. how can i get my retail license in california if i dont have a lot? I know theres loopholes and […]

Questions About Sell Used Car Online

Chris asks… Where can I sell my car online? I am trying to sell a car on e-bay, but have now been let down 3 times by timewasters. It is now starting to cost me money. Is there any other online car sales sites that I can use. I want it to be seen by […]

Questions About Sell Used Cars Free

Michael asks… What is a good site for free classifieds to buy and sell used cars besides craigslist? Jack answers: The best in my book is George asks… How can i sell my used car for FREE? No credit card, no checking accounts totally FREE Jack answers:….totally free Joseph asks… where to sell […]

Questions About How To Sell A Car Online

Michael asks… I am selling a car online, the person is having a transport company ship it to the UK. How do I transfer title The man I am selling it to will never be here in person. After I get the payment from him I will send it to my finance company, and they […]


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