Avoid The Advanced Fee Scam

The Advanced Fee Scam, or 419 Scam, or Nigerian Car Scam has been around for over twenty years and is still being used daily to rip off people of millions of dollars per year worldwide.

The Advanced Fee Scam usually works something like this…

You place a ‘For Sale’ ad for a car (or anything)  and then you are then contacted by a so-called “broker” from somewhere overseas who says he wants to buy your car for one of his wealthy clients in London, South America, Israel, United Arab Emirates, or wherever country you want to add here. Most will contact you via email since they have people that search online ads looking for people to scam. However, some 419 scammers may contact you by phone or fax too. In fact, I’ve had them contact me using a service through the phone company that is meant for deaf people. Yes, apparently these scum bags will call from around the world using this free service just because they can call you at no charge. And guess what? Due to government regulations, the phone company is powerless to even ask them if they are for real!

Lets say you are advertising a used car for $15,000.00. The Advanced Fee Scam “broker” will tell you they will buy your car for full price and will send you a cashiers check immediately.

When you receive the cashiers check (its bogus) you will be surprised to find that its for $19,000.00 (or whatever).

“Wow, they gave me a check for $4000.00 over my asking price!”

So you contact the “broker” and they will apologize profusely about their inept “bookkeepers” mistake.  They will ask you to go ahead and cash their check and to please send the $4000.00 overage back to them.

Of course the advanced fee scammers know that it could take at least two to three weeks for their “check” to clear and are counting on the fact that you will be a nice guy and deposit it to your account and send them the $4000.00 before the check even clears.

The problem is that the check they sent you is totally bogus and they are counting on you not discovering that until AFTER you sent them a real cashiers check for the $4000.00 overage!

The “brokers” used to always say they were from Nigeria, but apparently that has changed, and now they will probably tell you they are from somewhere else and they might be too because this scam isn’t restricted to just Nigeria although a lot of it still is.

If you’ve let yourself fall victim to this scam then you might as well know that you can kiss this money goodbye for good. The chances for these criminals ever being prosecuted for this crime are remote. The reason is that it is believed that the people involved in this scam are actually part of the Nigerian government.

The 5 rules for doing business with Nigeria or any potential advanced fee scam are…

  • Never pay anything up front for ANY reason.
  • Never extend credit for any reason.
  • Never do anything until their check clears.
  • Never expect any help from the Nigerian Government.
  • Never rely on your Government to bail you out.

That is one way the advanced fee scam works and now you have no reason to allow yourself to be victimized by it.

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