Best Way To Sell A Car With Mechanical Problems – Part 1

“I want to know the best way to sell a car with mechanical problems. I have a beautiful 1992 Lincoln Continental with 160k miles on it. The body and leather interior is in mint condition. Everything works on the car really well except the engine knocks and the electrical system is draining the battery. So because of these problems, I am having a very hard time selling it. I have had the car parked outside a Firestone store for the last three months with a ‘For Sale’ sign on it. I put “best offer” on the sign with my phone number. I’ve received at least one hundred phone calls asking about my car but all I get are tire kickers and flakes. When I am honest and tell them the engine knocks – people run! I bought the car when the engine knocked and it didn’t scare me. I had no problems with it. I drove it for a year with no problems. I finally bought another car so I don’t need this car anymore.

So what is the best way to sell a car with mechanical problems fast? Should I write “engine knocks” on the window? I fear that if I do that that I may not get any calls. Or should I lower price? How would you guys advertise my car and for what price? I need to get this thing sold. I’m moving out of state next month. I would really appreciate your honest opinion. Thank you in advance!”

A reader submitted the question above about the best way to sell a car with mechanical problems..

You are doing the right thing by parking your car in a location that I assume is getting a lot of traffic. The problem is that people see this “beautiful” car and think of how cool it will be to cruise in it and then all that comes crashing down when they hear it has an engine knock. Why? Because IF its a lower engine knock, well, that usually means the engine will need a major overhaul, and that is very expensive! Maybe you just need a better grade of gas?? Try some higher octane gas and see it that does the trick.

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  1. James says:

    Advertise it on Postings are free, and you can include pictures.

    Inform buyer that engine knocks. Engine knock can be due to a variety of things. The first thing I would try is to fill the gas tank up with Premium gasoline and see if you still get knock. Most Luxury cars require premium gasoline and you can possibility get rid of the engine knock if pre-ignition is the cause of your knocking problem, then you don’t even need to tell the user it knocks.

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