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The Real Information to Avoid Car Repair Scams

Worrying whether or not you were overcharged for your car repair is an awful feeling. There’s tons of advice on how to avoid getting ripped-off, but what about looking at the actual car repair prices.

Scam Proofing Classic Cars For Sale

Classic cars for sale are big business these days. There is no shortage of unscrupulous people who will take your money and vanish! To be a knowledgeable buyer, the biggest chunk of your time will be spent in what I call the homework or prep stage. Probably 70 percent of your time will be spent studying classic car sale information, researching, and consulting with trusted friends or experts as to the authenticity and details of the car. After you have done your homework, the rest is a simple buying transaction. The more prepared a buyer, the smoother and faster the transaction.

Selling Your Used Car to Get Top Dollars

Following some simple step-by-step process, you will be able sell your car and get top dollars instead of trading it in at the dealership.

Avoid the Biggest Car Selling Scam Ever

A popular scam that has victimized many used-car sellers is one in which the proposed buyer usually claims to be from Africa, or another country, and is eager to buy the advertised car, sight unseen, for the full asking price no haggling. After some complicated email exchanges with the “buyer,” the victim ends up with a worthless cashiers check or money order, a depleted bank account, and is still stuck with the car.

VIN Number Decoding For Classic Muscle Cars

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given in regards to buying a classic muscle car was to invest in high quality resource materials so I could crack the code on Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) to make sure that I was not getting scammed. The best way to find a high quality book is to find what the experts are using. With the internet, you can type a subject like “Camaro restoration book” into the Amazon search box.

How to Avoid Car Dealer Fraud

With the existence of so many car deal scams out there, you can never be too careful when buying your next car. So if you do not want to be the next victim of an unscrupulous car dealer, please read this article entirely.

How To Avoid All The Car Dealer Scams

As your life changes, your transportation needs change. When you were single that two door sport coupe was perfect for you and your girlfriend. But now you are married and your baby just turned 4, so it is time for a new vehicle.

Used Car Sellers – Watch Out for the African Buyer Scam

Sellers of used cars are often desperate for a buyer and fall for a common scam that seems to too good to be true. It is — and it will rob you of not your car, but your money.

Research to Avoid Car Buyer Scams

The several types of scams that car dealers use to make money are not always easy to spot. Just walking on to the car dealer’s lot starts the process of selling you a car. Car dealers have a well scripted and rehearsed process they use for every customer. The process they use is designed to […]


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