I Want To Sell Used Cars. How Many Cars Can I Sell?

“I want to sell used cars and I need to know how many I can sell per year? I live in Louisiana and want to start selling cars and trucks as a private party to other private parties. Do I need some kind of license if I do this from my house one car at a time?”

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Just do a Google search for something like ” how many cars can I sell per year in Louisiana ” (without quotes). Every country and state or province within a country is different as far as regulations concerning whether you need to get a dealer license or not, and also how many cars you are allowed to buy and sell per year without one. We have fifty different states in the U.S. and each one has different rules. I suggest to get started now to see if you really like doing this that way you can stay within the maximum amount allowed (although I doubt anyone would ever bother you if you go over if you’re honest with your buyers and are low key) and you can also decide if you want to get a dealers license later. Sometimes getting a dealer license is complicated but it just depends on the state. Some states it is as simple as paying a $25.00 fee and you’re done. Others involve having a retail location, etc. although that retail location can be as simple as one car slot outside and a desk, two chairs, file cabinet and phone inside. That means you could maybe “piggyback” yourself onto an already existing retail location and rent out a little space in the corner. Another thing is that most states allow you to become an “associate” of someone that has a license and that usually just requires a very small fee with no other requirements. For example, on every car lot in the country they have commissioned sales people, yet most, or perhaps ALL of those sales people don’t have licenses. It is because they are an “associate” under whoever has the license for that car dealership. I just saw an ad in backpage.com where a guy is offering people to work under his license as an associate for $2500.00 although I would keep looking to find someone that charges a fraction of that or offer them a percentage of the profits from each of your car deals. There are lots of creative ways to deal with this issue and some of them might involve getting a dealers license in a state that is different than your own too. This way you could sell as many cars as you want per year and even be able to attend wholesale car dealer auctions in any state.

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  1. fisherwoman says:

    All states have a limit on the amount of cars a person can buy and sell per year without a dealer license. Most states, the limit is five, you would need to check with the dealer services division in Louisiana, to find out for sure..

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