How To Sell Car Fast With No Pink Slip?

“I need to know how to sell car fast without a pink slip (title, certificate of ownership). I don’t have my car pink slip. My car has very little blue book value and its not passing smog. So because of that, I want to sell the car as a parts-only car. Can someone please tell me how I can complete this transaction legally and what dmv forms are required? Thanks!”

That was a question submitted by a reader and here is my answer…

Its not a big deal to get a copy of your title at the DMV. However, if you don’t think your car is worth the cost to repair it so it will pass the smog test, then just go ahead and sell it. Most states will only require you to have two forms. One is the ‘Transfer Of Ownership’ and the other will be two copies of the ‘Bill Of Sale.’ Make sure you fill out the ‘Notice Of Transfer’ (Or whatever its called in your area) and send it to the DMV so you aren’t legally responsible for the car anymore. You can probably print a Notice Of Transfer form and Bill Of Sale form right from your states DMV website. Usually its perfectly okay to make your own Bill Of Sale where both you and the buyer will sign and date it. I suggest you put all the buyers contact info on the Bill Of Sale (Including their phone numbers) and keep a copy of the Bill Of Sale so you can prove who you sold it to (In case the buyer never transferred the car into their own name and abandoned it). In your advertising, clearly state in the title or headline that it is being sold as a “parts-only” car with no title. Go ahead and explain what you said in your question above that you don’t have the title (pink slip) and that it failed the smog test and why it failed. I’m sure you realize that trying to sell car fast with no title or smog certificate means that you will be selling it super cheap.

Here is how to sell a junk cheap car for hundreds and maybe even thousands more…

If you have the room to store your car, you can tear it apart and sell those parts on eBay and make hundreds of dollars more cash then you ever will selling it one time as a parts-only car without a title. It will take you a lot longer to sell the entire car of course. I have a friend that repairs motorcycles. He often gets motorcycles in for repair where its not worth it to the owners to repair them because the cost is too high, so they end up just giving those bikes to him. Anyway, he tears those bikes down and sells the parts on eBay. Obviously you can’t sell car fast doing this, but this friend of mine now and has a great side business going that actually makes him more money than the repair part of his business.

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4 Responses to “How To Sell Car Fast With No Pink Slip?”

  1. SkyPilot says:

    Without a clear title, you cannot legally sell it. If is simply a matter of having lost the title, you can get a form at the DMV that will allow you to sell it.

  2. mahsighWhivak says:

    Very cool! I didn’t realize I could even sell a car without a pink slip / title. Thank you. 🙂

  3. vamp43 says:

    What about the buyer? How are they supposed to get a duplicate pink slip? They won’t even be able to switch over without some kind of documentation. If I’m wrong please let me know. I live in Californian and my son bought a truck and now the guy he bought it from days he lost pink and my son,can’t register it.

    • Administrator says:

      The buyer would be issues a new title in their name when they go to the DMV to transfer the ownership of the car into their name.

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