Can I Sell Car For Cash With No Smog?

“I need to sell car for cash. I live in California and was wondering if I need to smog my car before selling it? I had a guy call who is interested in buying it but claims it needs to be smogged before you hand over the title. It doesn’t really makes sense to be since I’m selling the car due to financial problems and barely have enough cash to put gas in my car. Do I need a smog certificate? By the way, I bought the car about 5 months ago from a car wholesaler and had it smogged when I bought it then.”

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Unless the state of California has recently changed the regulations regarding who needs to get a smog certificate, and when, the last time I checked it was totally negotiable as to whether its the buyer that smogs the vehicle or the seller. However, many people in California think the burden is legally on the seller. The other issue to consider if you want to sell car for cash in a reasonable period of time is that most humans in California know what hell it can be to buy a used car and then find out that it won’t pass smog. Seriously, its not a good place to be because your car will be labled by the State Of California as being what they call a “Gross Polluter” and it can be a major hassle to get that removed and also very very expensive. So for that reason, I highly recommend you as the seller take care of getting the smog certificate.

You said that its been five months since you got the vehicle smogged. Well, that means someone (either you or the buyer) will have to get a new smog certificate because I think the limit is 90 days.

P.S. I’m paraphrasing here, but you said something like this: “It doesn’t really make sense to me since you don’t have enough cash to buy gas, etc.” Ah, what the hell does YOU not having enough money to buy gas for you car have anything at all to do with the law not making sense?! Oh, gee, it doesn’t make sense to me that I can’t buy a mansion on the ocean when I don’t have enough whatevah. Huh?!

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2 Responses to “Can I Sell Car For Cash With No Smog?”

  1. steelers12661 says:

    Most likely yes. Any time a vehicle is sold, its usually necessary to prove it will pass emissions.

  2. cnharvey says:

    California DMV allows for a sale if a letter of disclosure is provided to the seller – and to DMV too, I think – that the vehicle is not capable of passing smog. You might need to declare it a non-op. I am not sure of the correct procedures (I am still looking it up) but I think a legal way does exist around this problem. DMV had this on their website a couple of months ago, but I am not finding it tonight.

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