How To Sell My Car For Cash When It Needs Engine Work?

I was wondering how to sell my car for cash when it clearly needs engine work? It is a 1992 Ford Taurus that I own and it has stalled on me twice now. I have been wanting to sell it for a while now, but I keep putting more money into it. Here is what I have done to this car lately…   I had the motor mounts repaired, the cv joints fixed, a new starter put in, new power steering hoses, new belts, a new switch to turn on the head lights. So you can see that I have put a ton of money into this car…and now my car randomly stalls. It stalled once in traffic in downtown Las Vegas while I was stopped at a red light. The second time it stalled was while I was driving down the road. The car lost power, so I pulled over and then it totally died. Each time I had to wait about 15 minutes until the vehicle would start again. I am through repairing it and just want to sell it. How would I market a car that someone else is going to need to put money into, and still get money in return?

The above question ( How To Sell My Car For Cash That Needs Engine Work? ) was submitted by a reader and here are my answers…

I understand if you are burned out on dumping money into an older car that isn’t worth much, but if you could somehow get it diagnosed, then maybe you could fix it yourself for less than $50.00. And if you can, then of course your car will sell for a lot more than trying to sell a car that doesn’t run…or doesn’t run well.

The bottom line for selling any car that doesn’t run well is that you are going to have to sell the car CHEAP! Thats it. It really is as simple as that. Sure, a car with high inherent value (like exotics, vintage, muscle, some sports cars, etc.) will still sell for a lot and will actually sell, because it is an in-demand vehicle, but a car like the lowly Ford Taurus won’t sell for much to begin with because they have lousy resale value. That means you will have to dump it cheap. And the reality for selling an expensive vehicle that doesn’t run is that even that car will have to sell for a lot less that what it would sell for if it ran great.

P.S. For anyone thinking of buying a used Ford Taurus…  Ford Taurus’s are one of the crappiest cars ever made! Yes I realize they sold millions of those things, but they are so loaded down with junk and so unbelievably complicated that I wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole.

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  1. reagentphx says:

    First off your car is pretty old, it might just need a tune up (new spark plugs and wires) If your mechanic can't find whats wrong with your car you should take it to a ford dealer service center and for around $100.00 they will hook your car up to a computer and tell you everything that needs to be done. Then when they tell you whats wrong with it, tell them you don't have the money to fix it right now (you don't want the dealer to work on your car cause they are very expensive) Take the information they gave you about your car and show it to your mechanic or someone you trust and see how much they will fix it for. Or if you can do work on your own car go to autozone, buy the parts there and do it yourself (which would save you the most money).

    It is easier to sell the car and get the most $ if it is in good working condition. Go to and click on the link "appraise your car" put in the information about your car and see how much your car is worth. (do this before putting any money into the car to see if it would actually be worth fixing)

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