Why I Hate Plastic Car Parts

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 44 years, shows why he hates the use of plastic car parts in modern cars. Cheaper parts are not always better for those owning the cars.

DIY Auto Body – How To Spray Epoxy Primer – Refinish Training – HD YouTube Video

TeachMeHow.info – This video is brought to you by Donnie Smith and http – DIY refinish training – In this video, we are applying epoxy to the area that has been repaired. Epoxy is the superior primer for adhesion and corrosion protection. This is why I like to apply one to two coats before applying […]

(Auto Body Training) – How To Apply *3M* Finishing Glaze To Repair (3M Dynamic Mixing System)

CollisionBlast.com – Please rate this video. This auto body training video demonstrates how to apply the 3m Dynamic Mixing System Finishing Glaze. This is applied over the body filler for a pinhole free smooth surface. Glaze also helps feather the body filler and paint edges together. For more training and collision repair news visit http

DIY – How To (Blend Car Paint) to Match Metallic or Pearl Color – Fade Custom Paint Jobs Tips

TeachMeHow.info – Custom Paint Jobs, such as a fade can be achieved by using this paint blending technique. In this video we demonstrate how to blend car paint. This is the process of spraying new paint and blending it into the old color to produce a color match. Ideally, you want to mix a color […]


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