How to Mix Automotive Paint (Auto Painting) – Click link to learn how to blend automotive paint. In this auto painting video, Devin Olson, a collision repair students at Butler Community College shows how to find a paint code on a car, use a color chip book, computerized system, variant color deck and mix a paint formula. For more auto painting […]

Collision Repair College – Repairing and Blending Within A Panel Click the link to learn more about blending paint. Please rate this video. Butler is a Collision Repair College In Addition to many other technical programs. In This video student, Brandyn demonstrated how to repair and paint a bumper cover. He will blend within a panel to provide a good color match for the […]

Prepare Paint For Artwork – Masking Flame From – Please rate this video. All ratings and comments are appreciated. This is part two in answering a question asked of how to prepare a car that has good paint to add artwork. I am not aware of a way to paint the airbrush work without scuffing the panel and re-clearing the panel. This […]

Charley Hutton from Overhaulin’ and PPG Demonstrates How To Use Waterborne Paint To Woodgrain Visit the link for more paint gun tips and training. Charley Hutton from the TV show with Chip Foose called Overhaulin, American Hotrod, and a PPG trainer demonstrate how to custom paint woodgrain using PPG waterborne paint. The techniques in the video was actually developed from an accident. They did not like the way […]

Meguiar’s Demonstrate How To Remove Swirl Marks at SEMA 2009 Please rate this video. and visit our channel. All feed back is appreciated. This video is demonstrating how to remove swirl marks on an automotive paint finish on a vehicle.

Dent Repair Using a Weld-on Stud Nail Gun – CLICK THE LINK TO LEARN 7 DENT REPAIR TIPS. This video has been selected by Motor Guard as their official how to stud nail gun video. Watch the video and learn about all of their stud guns at Dent repair can be performed with many different methods. For instance, hammer and dolly, […]

How To Apply Glaze Putty BCC Collision Repair student demonstrates how to apply glaze putty to a repair area that has been repaired and finished out in body filler.

DIY – Collision Repair Technology – (How To Use Body Filler) *BONDO* (How To Use Body Filler)Please RATE this video. All ratings and comments are appreciated – In this DIY How-to video I am doing a collision repair demonstration of (how to apply body filler) to a small repair area or dent. Many people wonder what the difference is between body filler and bondo are. However, […]


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