Dime Size Heat Shrinking Metal With Oxy/Acetylene

Donnie-Smith.com BCC Collision Repair student demonstrated how to shrink metal that has been stretched. In this demonstration we are using oxy

Auto Repair: Fix Transmission Shift Problem Ford 5R55E Explorer more – 1AAuto.com

Ford used the 5R55E in many rear and 4 wheel Drive applications. It is a good transmission but is susceptible to the valve body gasket “blowing out.” The symptom of this in our vehicle was that the transmission missed second gear under acceleration but found a higher gear when we let off the gas pedal. […]

How To Apply Fiberglass Filler to a Welded Area

TeachMeHow.info Fiberglass Filler

Dent Repair Using a Weld-on Stud Nail Gun

bit.ly – CLICK THE LINK TO LEARN 7 DENT REPAIR TIPS. This video has been selected by Motor Guard as their official how to stud nail gun video. Watch the video and learn about all of their stud guns at www.motorguard.com Dent repair can be performed with many different methods. For instance, hammer and dolly, […]

DIY Collision Repair Training – Block Sanding Body Filler – Bondo (Auto Body Sanding)

TeachMeHow.info – Click the link for 9 auto body filler tips. (Auto Body Sanding) Please rate this Collision Repair Training Video. All ratings and feedback are appreciated. In this video I am doing a demonstration of auto body sanding. This video describes how to block to sand body filler using hand blocks. Would you like […]

How To Apply Glaze Putty

TeachMeHow.info BCC Collision Repair student demonstrates how to apply glaze putty to a repair area that has been repaired and finished out in body filler.


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