Prepare Paint For Artwork – Masking Flame From – Please rate this video. All ratings and comments are appreciated. This is part two in answering a question asked of how to prepare a car that has good paint to add artwork. I am not aware of a way to paint the airbrush work without scuffing the panel and re-clearing the panel. This […]

(Auto Body Training) – How To Apply *3M* Finishing Glaze To Repair (3M Dynamic Mixing System) – Please rate this video. This auto body training video demonstrates how to apply the 3m Dynamic Mixing System Finishing Glaze. This is applied over the body filler for a pinhole free smooth surface. Glaze also helps feather the body filler and paint edges together. For more training and collision repair news visit http

DIY – Collision Repair Technology – (How To Use Body Filler) *BONDO* (How To Use Body Filler)Please RATE this video. All ratings and comments are appreciated – In this DIY How-to video I am doing a collision repair demonstration of (how to apply body filler) to a small repair area or dent. Many people wonder what the difference is between body filler and bondo are. However, […]


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