How to Mix Automotive Paint (Auto Painting) – Click link to learn how to blend automotive paint. In this auto painting video, Devin Olson, a collision repair students at Butler Community College shows how to find a paint code on a car, use a color chip book, computerized system, variant color deck and mix a paint formula. For more auto painting […]

Dime Size Heat Shrinking Metal With Oxy/Acetylene BCC Collision Repair student demonstrated how to shrink metal that has been stretched. In this demonstration we are using oxy

Auto Spray Paint Gun Adjustments and Tips – How To Adjust A Paint Gun – In this video I demonstrate how to adjust a paint gun. There are 3 basic adjustments on a spray gun. You have air pressure, fan pattern, and the fluid adjustment. These 3 adjustments and your unique style can differ and require fine tuning for every painter. To learn more about auto body and […]

Dent Repair Using a Weld-on Stud Nail Gun – CLICK THE LINK TO LEARN 7 DENT REPAIR TIPS. This video has been selected by Motor Guard as their official how to stud nail gun video. Watch the video and learn about all of their stud guns at Dent repair can be performed with many different methods. For instance, hammer and dolly, […]


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